Mini Cruises

By | July 31, 2020

If you are thinking about choosing a cruise as a holiday but aren’t sure if its right for you there is one solution that is a great way of testing the waters. A mini cruise might just be the perfect test, not to mention a great holiday in its own right.

On a miniature cruise you can experience all the luxury and hospitality of a cruise over just a few days. These few days will allow you to see exactly what a cruise upon the high seas will be like, as well as being able to enjoy a fantastic few days away visiting some great destinations.

Mini cruises are much more than a testing ground for full-length cruises; they are a great and unique short break suitable for all occasions. Mini cruises are a great alternative to city breaks and weekends in the country. Not only can you enjoy all the many amenities of the ship but you also get to visit some great locations.

Some popular miniature cruise destinations include Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands visiting some of the finest cities in Northern Europe such as Cork, Brussels, Hamburg and Paris. You can also visit these great destinations without the hassle of having to fly or catch the train, instead you can travel in one of the most luxurious and relaxed ways possible.

Fred Olsen, Royal Caribbean, Princes Cruises, Saga Cruises And MSC Cruises offer 5 Night Mini cruises from southampton, P&O CRuises and Cunard Cruise Line also offer 2,3. and 4 night cruises from southampton.

Really spoil that special someone in your life with a trip on a mini cruise. These types of cruises are becoming highly fashionable for birthday and anniversary presents. They are ideal for gifts as you and your loved one can spend a few days together surrounded by fantastic amenities as well as enjoying the trip to some fantastic destinations.

Another benefit of the miniature cruise is of course the short time you are actually away. Some people simply don’t have the time to take a couple weeks off from work to go on a cruise, this is where the mini cruise is ideal as they last just a few days yet still give you plenty of time to relax, unwind and recharge those batteries.