Like Sumaguing and Lumiang, we connect

I came back seeking for revenge on a couple named Sumaguing and Lumiang. Three years ago, I wore an orange fleece hat with fox ears, and a fuchsia, body-hugging,…


AM: Pongas, PM: Bomod-Ok

Waterfalls. Sagada has three of them. And depending on the season, they either shower your head with a cold and heavy rush, or the water plunges down the…

DSCF1768 2

Sagada: There’s no place like home

Four times. I’ve been to Sagada four times. The long and winding road to this rustic village up north takes no less than 12 hours to get to….


Shooting Corregidor with #SinoPinas

When I look back at my first trip to Corregidor, the first thing that pops in my head is the night I hugged the toilet seat as I…


Takeoffs and landings

The aircraft’s engine began to roar. Different mechanical noises got me agitated as the plane started taxiing down the runway. By luck, the check-in counter official assigned me…


The places I have come to miss the most: Melaka

Three years have passed since I got lost in the inner streets of Melaka, the historical city in Southern Malaysia known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site status since 2008….


On the real treasures of Bolinao

Locals of Bolinao, specifically the tricycle drivers that I’ve had conversations with, share their feelings on the resort that have long monopolized tourism in the area. Treasures of…


The gold and glimmer of Patar

We arrived just in time for the sun’s most awaited encore performance. If there’s one thing this beach is known for, it’s the golden hour during sunset when…


Souvenirs from a morning walk on the beach

Whenever I’m at the beach, I have this bad habit of collecting dead shells and dried corals that have washed up on the shore. I say it’s bad…


A hundred reasons to go back to hundred islands

Oh so spontaneous, we were. It took me less than five days to build an itinerary, make necessary reservations and complete our party of five, with the last…

Photo by Joice Marinay

On the rocks of Norzagaray

In my head I screamed “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?!?” to my friends on the other side of the rock I was attempting to stand on….


Intramuros: Scouting the old walls of Manila

History classes bored the heck out of me when I was a kid. Every day, words like ayuntamiento, guardia sibil, and ilustrados would stick to my brain cells…


What about Angkor Wat?

Shakily, my hands traced the contours of Angkor Wat on a piece of red art paper before filling in the empty form with white acrylic paint. I was…


Bayon’s smiling faces and Ta Phrom’s overgrown trees

A murder of crows can be seen flying over the trees in the distance. Unseen hounds howling echoes in the empty halls of Bayon temple at 6:30 in the…


Beng Mealea: The beauty in getting ruined

It was 2:00 in the afternoon and around 10 minutes into our tour when the inseam of my thigh-high shorts tore open after my right leg stretched out…